QIX Business Solutions

We are the Shake & Play Company.

We make boring marketing fun and engaging. Your ROI in mind.

We can move the needle on multiples KPIs

Drive store revenues

  • Motivate new shoppers to visit mall and/or stores
  • Motivate shop visitors to visit aisles and shelves

  • Drive traffic conversion to purchase 

  • Motivate current customers to shop more frequently

  • Create product or offer awareness
  • New product launch

Engage TV wiewers​

  • Create impressive level of enjoyment
  • Get second-to-none direct engagement
  • Personalize your TV messaging
  • Boost purchase intent, website visit, app downloads
  • Generate second-to-none positive WOM

Engage sport fans​

  • Create impressive level of enjoyment in stadium

  • Engage with your fans before, during and after the match

  • Maximize sponsor contributions

  • Differentiate your advertising portfolio with innovative mobile technology

Retailers. We drive store revenue growth

QIX proprietary technology enables real-time tracking of customer in-store conditions that are typically difficult or impossible to measure and interact upon at a reasonable cost - e.g. precise in-door localization at store level or customer with product in hand at any specific store shelf. 

With the QIX platform, retailers and brands can engage decisively with audiences at the right place - before, near and in the store - and at the right time - straight in the middle of the consumer’s shopping process. We call it DICE: Digital Interactive Customer Engagement. A new way to drive traffic, engagement, conversion and revenue growth in a highly consumer-friendly and fun way.

Brands. We make

your ads interactive

In a world where internet reigns, the big challenge for TV is to survive. What everybody wants including advertizers is better ratings and feed back. 

The QIX technology brings advertisers

superior viewer excitement, confirmation of viewer attention to content and a unique capability to bring personalization in a traditionally mass channel, leading to superior drive-to-store and online engagement. 

We bring precise metrics in a world with no serious measurement, and second-to-none viewer interactivity in a most impersonal channel. And have viewers enjoy a different and highly-entertaining experience with your brand.


Clubs. We delight your supporters. And more.

Players come and go, teams move, fortunes rise and fall, and rules change, but fans remain the lifeblood of the sports industry. Engaging fans is vital to teams, leagues and for their sponsors as well. 

If you want to attract new followers and retain current fans, fight declining in-person attendance​ and stay ahead of competition, the QIX technology can bring new fan excitement and engagement, before, during and after the game. 

We deliver unique fan experiences that leverage mobile technology and cognitives sciences - in turn maximizing true fan engagement and superior return on marketing investment.

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