Q: What is QIX?

A: QIX is a cross border resource linked to regulated fiat currencies such as the Euro, British pound sterling, Australian or American dollars. In each new market where QIX enters, the QIX will be tied to the value and security of the fiat currency of that particular market. Unlike a crypto currency, such as Bitcoin for example which is a digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to generate units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank and value is fluctuating constantly based on factors such as the perceptions on its value by the public, QIX value is always linked to a constant factor versus the fiat currency of the country of registration of the QIX account holder and is always 100% value of the liability secured by deposits which are held in prime or high grade, high liquidity state bonds. For example a QIX user who registers to be part of QIX in France will always have the QIX value tied to the Euro.


Q: Can I use QIX to pay in store?


A: Yes, solutions have been built and deployed already whereby retail staff can accept QIX as a payment method. Spending of QIX can take place in-store (via a proprietary B2B app and POS integrations), dedicated e-commerce platforms and for travel bookings (car rental, hotels). Currently QIX is already accepted at more than 500.000 locations worldwide.


Q: How will the value of my QIX be determined when I am outside my registered home country?

A: The value of QIX will be displayed in the mobile app based on real time currency calculation if QIX user is outside his home currency market. For example, if the actual rate of exchange is EUR 1.00 = AUD 1.6. a QIX account holder from Australia with a balance of 10 000 QIX, when arriving in a EURO zone market will see the value of those QIX displayed in the app as  € 62.50 while a EURO zone registered QIX currency holder would see the value of 10 000 QIX as € 100.00.


Q: Is QIX secure?

A: Yes, QIX is 100% secure and there is no risk you will ever lose the value of your QIX balance. Unlike any other points currency in the world QIX holds a secure 100% cash reserve against the number of QIX in circulation. The balance will be held in the leading six global fiat currencies, at a top 50 leading European bank, ensuring that each transaction is traceable. All QIX in circulation are secured by deposits which are held either in cash at the secured bank accounts and in prime or high grade, high liquidity state bonds. A leading top 4 audit firm oversees the compliance of this depositing strategy.

Q: How can I earn QIX?

A: QIX can be earned by using the various engagement tools in the QIX mobile application to allow users to monetize their own data. You can get QIX by engaging with content and selected advertising via the QIX Shake function via participating sport stadiums or TV channels, by tracking your drive via the QIX Go solution, by shopping at participating retailers via the QIX Get solution, by exchanging points to QIX via the QIX Change function or by receiving QIX via the Friends QIX function.


Q: Can I transfer QIX to friends or family?

A: Yes, it is a simple process by using the Friends QIX function whereby you can give any number of QIX in real time to a friend or family member without incurring any charges.



Q: Do QIX expire?

A: There is a simple answer to this question. Of course not. U.S. Dollars don’t expire. British Pounds don’t expire. Swiss Francs don’t expire. QIX don’t expire.