QIX PRIVACY POLICY (last updated: October 01, 2018)


Aim of the Privacy Policy

SIA QIX, hereinafter- Qix, has developed this Privacy Policy to explain how we may collect, retain, process, share and transfer your Personal Data when you use our services. This Privacy Policy is designed to help you obtain information about our privacy practices and to help you understand your privacy choices when you use our services. Please note that our service offerings may vary by region. This Privacy Policy may be supplemented with additional notices depending on the sites and services concerned.

QIX builds a range of services that help its users to Earn and Spend QIX – social unified currency earned and spent in making purchases, booking hotels, using QIX Partner services, exchanging other loyalty program currencies and many more. Our services, hereinafter – the Services, include:

  • QIX Mobile App and its components and functionality, i.e. QIXPAY, QIX Travel (available features might differ from market to market)

  • QIX website

  • QIX Customer support

This Privacy Policy applies to your personal data when you use our Services and does not apply to services that we do not own or control, including services of QIX Partners.


The key guiding principle of QIX is to help you monetize your own data by willingly engaging in providing your data via various experiences through deliberate human actions (shake your phone, track your drive etc.) and at all times understanding what kind of data has been gathered and utilized for value creation for you and the QIX platform which includes whole set of QIX Services, hereinafter – the Platform, QIX is committed to support you at all times in providing insights in your own data. Our firm believe is that all data collected needs to be permission based and initiated by voluntary and deliberate human actions by the QIX user and the value created via such data needs to be distributed between the user, QIX and the participating brands and companies. Our user philosophy is simple: Own your Own Data.

Data controller

The company responsible for collection, use and disclosure of your personal data under this Privacy Policy is SIA QIX (Reg. No. 40003704195, Skunu iela 19, Riga, LV-1050, Latvia).

If you have questions about this Privacy Policy, or if you would like to request exercising any individual rights, please contact QIX via e-mail qixinfo@myqix.com or write to the postal address of QIX.

QIX, in order to serve better its users, within the framework of applicable European Union and local laws in the field of privacy and data processing, takes care of the privacy of the data subjects and the protection of their personal data, observes the data subjects’ right to the lawfulness of the processing of personal data.



 How we collect your data and what kind of personal data is collected:


We collect personal data from QIX user when it voluntarily provides such information using QIX website and QIX Mobile App.

  • Registration and user information

When you register to use our Services by creating a profile, we will collect personal data as necessary to offer and fulfil the Services you request. We may require you to provide us with your personal data such as name, surname, postal address, phone number, email address, date of birth, gender, preferred language and preferred currency, information which are confirmed by the user to be shared through channels if he/she connects via social media accounts.

When you login with your social media account such information as your full name, e-mail information, profile picture and user friend list are taken by QIX in line with the permission received by social media.

  • Transactions and purchase information

Based on your activity in the platform we might collect and store information about your activities such as booking and shopping point and time, point of sales location, amount spent, amount of discount used, offers and deals used, information of products in the shopping, surfing and clicking information on the application, current location information of the application. We also might store information about your activities and location when utilizing our various opportunities to support you in monetizing your own data when shaking the QIX mobile app while watching TV, attending sport games, utilizing public transport or when tracking your drive or health activities. By connecting your QIX account to IoT Smart Home or Smart City or other similar solutions in participating cities or our partners which take a part in the Platform, hereinafter – the Partners, we might also collect such relevant data as energy consumption, water consumption, waste consumption etc and/or data points of connecting with particular IoT sensors (e.g. smart CCTV cameras in airports, shopping malls, smart parking sensors etc.)

If you add your credit card information in order to make payment through the application, this information will not be held by QIX and is kept by authorized payment service providers or authorized organizations with which QIX will make an agreement.

When you use our Services to make purchases from Partners, to receive or to send money, we collect information about the transaction, as well as other information associated with the transaction such as amount sent or requested, amount paid for products or services, merchant information, including information about any funding instruments used to complete the transaction, device information, technical usage data, and geolocation information.

  • Information collected from Partners

Personal data may be collected and obtained through the Partners when you use their services within the scope of the Platform and afterwards transferred to QIX.


How personal data is used

Voluntarily obtained personal data will be processed and stored for you to use the benefits of the Platform  based on your clear permission which you will give by approving within the framework of the application, on condition this data shall not be used for purposed other than the scope and aims determined by this Privacy Policy.

Your personal data is primarily used to enable you to monetize your personal data using QIX Mobile App obtained from you voluntarily and on basis of your consent,  however,  as your information is analysed by QIX and/or the Partners of the QIX Platform, this information may be also processed for the purposes such as provision of customized advertising, campaign and other benefits by the companies which will cooperate within the scope of QIX, member brands and/or Platform, sending commercial electronic messages, mails in accordance with your permission preferences, survey and telesales applications, analysis, reporting, statistical analyses of your information including your shopping information. We may use your personal data for creating new products and services designed to improve QIX user’s experience when using QIX Mobile App, for communication with QIX users, handling QIX users’ requests and/or complaints.


Your personal data may be profiled, if your consent is obtained, in order to evaluate and forecast your personal preferences, interests, behavior. Qix may perform profiling to assess whether the Services meet your needs, and offer personalized products and services. You have the right at any time to withdraw your consent and / or oppose profiling by contacting us at qixinfo@myqix.com.

How and how long personal data is stored

The information may be kept either in Latvia or abroad for the purpose of carrying out the purposes mentioned in this permission declaration by taking the necessary security precautions.

We will retain your personal data as long as your account subject to the Terms and Conditions is active or as needed to provide you the Services. We will retain and use your information as necessary to comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes, and enforce our agreements. QIX may keep information about the QIX user only to the extent necessary to comply with applicable laws and to further legitimate business needs.

With whom your personal data could be share

Personal data collected by QIX may be communicated to authorized QIX personnel, the controlling company of QIX in the international context, QIX Partners (transportation companies, car rental companies, hotels, credit card providers, etc.) or to providers of other related services, in order to carry out the services as outlined above.

Some of the parties mentioned above may be located outside the European Union and have access to all or some of the personal data collected by QIX in order to fulfill the specific responsibilities  or comply with specific legal requirements. In this case, QIX shall take necessary steps to provide that its Partners and service providers comply with the provisions accordingly to the personal data protection whenever your personal data is processed by a service provider outside the European Economic Area.

QIX may share your personal data related to your participation with the Platform, such as traffic and navigation information; with public institutions and organizations which are authorized to demand this information legally for your safety and QIX to fulfil its legal obligations (in cases such as fight against crime, threat against the state and public safety).

Communication Permit

By accepting QIX Terms and Conditions and herein this Privacy Policy, you allow us to gather, store, process, use, transfer your personal data on which you showed consent to share with us, to provide and present various advantages to you to make customized advertising, sales, marketing, survey and booking privilege and to carry out all kinds of electronic communication for similar purposes and to send other communication messages. In addition, you also allow these personal data to be shared, to the necessary extent, with places which are the Partners of the Platform with which you will carry out shopping, engaging and booking.

In addition, this information is only legally and technically identifiable to us with respect to data protection and security, so that we can provide timely delivery of notices to you via telephone, SMS and/or e-mail, this information shall be shared only with the need and to the necessary extent, with the third persons who bear the responsibilities and respect the provisions of the relevant legislation. Users explicitly accept and declare that they read all of this Privacy Policy, they understood it along with its consequences, they showed consent for QIX to use and store their data in this manner without setting forth any condition. QIX shall take all kinds of precautions to safely store the aforesaid personal data and to prevent unauthorized access and illegal data processes.



Cookies are small text files sent from a web server to your browser whenever you visit a website. They are either saved or rejected, depending on your browser settings.

Saved cookies allow servers to identify your choosing, for example, country and site language.

The legal basis for the use of cookies is QIX’ legitimate interest in ensuring the technical functionality of its website.  We use cookies to help shape our website and streamline the user experience. We have taken such measures as we have reasonably seen appropriate in each case to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and accuracy of your Personal Data.

Cookies can be disabled via your browser settings, if you wish, or by visiting here:

If you reject persistent or session cookies, you may still use the website or mobile application; however, you may not reach all functions of the website and mobile application or you may be restricted.


Links to Third Party Websites and Application

This Privacy Policy applies only to the QIX Platform. Since our QIX Platform may contain links to other websites and applications, we advise you to consult the Privacy Policies of these websites and applications prior to submitting any personal data to these websites and applications. QIX cannot be held responsible for any data shared when visiting other websites and applications.

Measures for the Protection of Personal Data 

Protecting personal data is an important issue for QIX. QIX takes necessary measures to protect against unauthorized access to or loss, misuse, disclosure, alteration or destruction of personal information. QIX implements generally accepted standards of technology security including firewalls and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption for every communication with our systems and databases.

QIX is committed to keep your personal data confidential and take all necessary technical and administrative precautions and to provide the necessary care for securing and protecting your privacy. QIX will promptly notify you and the data State in the event that the personal data is damaged or possessed by the third parties as a result of attacks on the website and the system despite QIX took the necessary information/data security measures.



Your Rights

You have the right to enquire whether your personal data is processed by the parties which are specified in this Permission Declaration, if processed; related information to this, purpose and whether it was used in accordance with the aims of it, you have the right to know the third parties to which data was transmitted nationally or internationally.

If there is a mistake or missing part, you may request the correction of data, removal or elimination of personal data within the framework of conditions envisaged in the relevant legislation, request of notification to be made to the third parties to which the data was transmitted with regards to the correction/ removal/ elimination transactions. However, it will not be possible for us to delete personal data if we are required by law to keep it or if we have to fulfil QIX duties subject to the contract with you, if any.

You have the right to appeal against a disadvantageous outcome for you as a result of exclusive analysis of the processed data through the automatic systems or you may request the compensation of your losses if you suffer a loss due to the illegal process of your data, in addition you may request prevention of communication with you from qixinfo@myqix.com.

In addition to the aforementioned rights You also have the rights to

  1. withdraw consent at any time, where applicable;

  2. lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority of the EU country of your habitual residence or the place of the alleged infringement. Contact information for these authorities can be accessed atec.europa.eu/newsroom.

You may exercise your rights in line with the requirements of applicable EU and local laws.


Amendments to be made in the Privacy Policy

QIX may make amendments at any time in this Privacy Policy. These changes take effect immediately after uploading the new amended Privacy Policy to the following web-site: 'www.myqix.com'. In order to make you aware of these amendments made herein this Privacy Policy; necessary notifications will be made to you, our users.