Terms & Conditions

QIX Terms & Conditions (updated on 01.10.2018.)


  1. QIX – QIX SIA (Reg. No. 40003704195, Skunu iela 19, Riga, LV-1050, Latvia).

  2. QIX Offering /Platform – QIX ecosystem, established, maintained and run by QIX.

  3. QIX – shall mean the calculation units for debits and credits to the User's accounts, earned for purchasing goods/services from the Partners, converting from user loyalty accounts as well as spent for goods/services.

  4. Terms – these terms governing the Platform rules and procedures that are binding on the Platform’s Users and Partners. The definitions that are not included in the Terms shall be interpreted in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.

  5. QIX Mobile App (QIX App) – Platform Mobile Application created by QIX, designed to run on mobile devices for the Program Users to create their online profiles and to use their account information.

  6. QIX User or User shall mean an individual who has registered and has been accepted by QIX for an account to earn and spend QIX and use the various consumer products in the QIX Mobile App.

  7. QIX Account or Account means an account opened for a QIX User, based on the User’s personal data submitted voluntarily, to record and account for the QIX earned or spent by the QIX User. The QIX account is available via QIX Mobile App.

  8. Partner means a QIX partner who has entered into a contract for earning and spending QIX with QIX or another enterprise which is authorized to enter into such agreements on behalf of QIX.

  9. QIX units – default currency of the User country of origin converted to QIX. The most up to date conversion rates to be shown in the QIX App.  

  10. Get QIX – User can get QIX units for every purchase or activity that is done via eligible Partners via QIX Mobile App. Percentage of total amount eligible for getting QIX is stated in the QIX App Partner page.

  11. QIXPAY – shall mean the technology that allows QIX Users to choose how to pay the merchant: all cash or cash + QIX. If all cash is chosen, payment might take place in the app connected to the preferred payment method (credit card / ApplePay / GooglePay) and the User will receive QIX units in return. If payment takes place in CASH + QIX, the system might automatically allocate the available QIX and if needed top up the missing QIX at a 10% discount rate versus the actual value. The User selects the retailer and enters the amount to pay and will see immediately the % which can be paid in QIX. A unique algorithm will display the amount saved by the customer. Maximum percentage that can be covered is set by QIX Partner and is stated in QIX App Partner page.

  12. QIXCHANGE – functionality delivering possibility to exchange other loyalty program points, City currencies and Corporate currencies to QIX units. User can choose the amount to be converted and see latest exchange rate in QIX App QIXCHANGE section. Exchange is possible only with loyalty programs QIX has agreement with.

  13. Application Form – an online application form filled out at QIX Mobile App or the willingness to participate in the Platform expressed in any other form and registered in the QIX Platform.


User eligibility criteria

  1.  Name, surname – the name and surname indicated in the application must match the data of identity documents (passport, driving  license, ID card).

  2. Age – any natural person who are not legally accountable according to their country of citizenship are represented in the Platform by their parents, legal guardians, trustees or any other person which is legally entitled to represent the Person.

  3. Email address – User’s unique identification used as a User name for accessing the QIX app and User account.

  4. Address – the address indicated by the User on the Online Application Form in the QIX app.

  5. Mobile phone number – Mobile phone number is asked to verify User’s identity.


Commencement of User account

  1. Only individuals who have filled out the Application Form may become Users.

  2. By applying and using the Platform benefits, the User agrees to these Terms and any future amendments thereof. The current version of the Terms is available at the QIX website www.myqix.com.

  3. Application form can be submitted and User account approval can be received just once.

  4. QIX is entitled to reject any Application form without specifying the reason.


QIX account

  1. As proof that the User has been assigned a QIX account and that he is entitled to earn QIX, the User shall be granted a User Account. The User is limited to a single QIX Account except if specifically stated otherwise in these Terms.

  2. If participation is sought by Application form in QIX Mobile App, account is created only after full registration performed via Mobile App.

  3. If a User holds more than one QIX Account, QIX reserves the right to close all Accounts that have no QIX without notice.

  4. If a User has several Accounts which have been awarded QIX, the QIX shall be transferred to the Account specified by the User which will become the User’s permanent Account.

  5. The Account is attached to a unique e-mail address specified by the User, which may be registered in the QIX Mobile App with a single Account only.

  6. The QIX collected may be checked in the Mobile App by using the User’s internet profile information (by entering the e-mail address and the password used in the QIX registration). If the User detects any errors in the account statement, he shall inform the QIX User support (www.myqix.com) within one month from the date of purchase, unless agreed upon otherwise. After this period it will be deemed that the User has approved the existing Account balance and the data shall not be corrected.


Use of QIX

  1. In order to get QIX when using or purchasing eligible services or goods, User must register in the particular Partner location via QIX Mobile App Partner page and type in the amount to be spent in the local currency. User must present only their own QIX App with their own account.

  2. User must always choose to get or use QIX by marking the appropriate option in the app.

    1. If User chooses to Get QIX, User will get certain Partner set amount of the purchase in QIX. Amount to be stated in QIX App Partner page.

    2. If User chooses to QIXPAY, certain Partner set percentage of total payable amount will be covered from Users QIX account. If User does not have enough QIX in their account to cover the sum stated, automatic account top-up will occur and amount will be taken from User’s credit card, if User accepts such option, with certain rate stated in the Partner page. 

  3. The Partner shall be responsible for the offers and privileges of Partners in which case the offers and benefits may be subject to the terms and conditions of the specific Partner.

  4. No QIX will be awarded in cases: 

    1. That the product or service is not used;

    2. That their value has been reimbursed or compensated with cash;

    3. That they have been obtained illegally.

  5. The Partner shall calculate, and QIX shall credit, the collected QIX to the User’s account. These QIX can be spent in the ways intended, as specified in the Terms or other informative materials of QIX.

  6. Points received through other programs can be used to Exchange to QIX and receive the privileges or services of QIX Offering. This process allows User to top-up account and can happen via QIX App QIXCHANGE section.

  7. All announcements on other ways to collect QIX that are not mentioned in these Terms shall be published separately in the QIX info materials.


Taxes, surcharges and service charges

  1. The User is responsible for covering all additional costs such as taxes (e.g. airport taxes and fees, security fees, delivery fees), additional charges (e.g. insurance) and service charges (e.g. booking change fee) applied to purchases of the Partner’s products / services using QIX.


QIX Annual account fee

  1. QIX has the right to apply QIX Account Annual Fee to User account and deduct the deposit in QIX covering the full year. Based on User activity, QIX has the right to apply of waive the deposit:

  2.  If User has not been using the account for 12 consecutive months, QIX has the right to deduct the deposit. Unless specified otherwise, annual charge is set to be 500 QIXEUR (or other equivalent of 5.00 EUR). If there are no sufficient funds in the user account QIX has the right to close the account. No negative balance is allowed.

  3.  If user has been active and has been using the QIX Account within last 12 consecutive months, fee shall not be applied and such deposit will be automatically transferred to the next year.

  4. Using QIX Account means:

    1.  Earning QIX via any of the QIX engagement tools such as QIXGET, QIXShake, QIXChange, QIXDrive etc.

    2. Spending QIX via any of QIX engagement tools such as QIXPAY, QIXTravel, QIX Marketplace and similar;

    3. Receiving and carrying out payments (for example direct debits and card purchases): QIXPAY would apply here for payments via our app and connection to external payment service provider and user’s payments cards, ApplePay, GooglePay

    4. Use any kind of payment solution via QIX App

    5. Access their online account statement via QIX App


Violation of the terms and conditions, account termination, program updates

  1. The User is entitled to terminate the QIX Account at any time by informing QIX thereof in writing.

  2. QIX may terminate the User’s participation in the Program, if the following is not corrected after receiving a prior warning:

    1. Inaccurate personal data or;

    2. Damage to QIX and / or QIX Partners and / or their employees or other Users of the Program caused due to the User’s acts or omissions.

  3. In the aforementioned cases, QIX reserves the right to freeze the User’s account until it decides to terminate it or until the User requests the account’s termination.

  4. As soon as QIX has terminated the User’s participation in the Program, it can no longer be resumed.

  5. Until the termination of the Program User account, these Terms remain valid as the User’s account terms.

  6. If a Partner terminates its cooperation with QIX, the QIX accrued with this Partner shall remain in the User’s account.

  7. QIX reserves the right to cancel the Platform at any time or replace it with another program.


Data protection

  1. QIX performs personal data processing in accordance with the requirements of the applicable EU and local laws in the field of privacy and data processing. Please see more detailed information on how QIX performs personal data processing in QIX Privacy Policy available at the QIX website www.myqix.com.



  1. QIX is acting in good faith and reserves the right to modify or supplement these Terms, the products / services, the volume of the products / services or the QIX procedures set out in any other program documents, whenever such changes are considered necessary. Such changes and additions will be deemed as approved, if the User continues to participate in the Program or if no written objections have been submitted within one month from publishing the Terms. If the User does not agree to the changes in the Program, he may cancel his Usership in accordance with Article 7 of these Terms.


Applicable law and jurisdiction

  1. The validity, structure and performance of these Terms are governed by the laws of the     Republic of Latvia and are under the jurisdiction of the Latvian courts.

  2. If any of the foregoing conditions in whole or in part are not legally valid, it does not affect the validity of the other conditions.

  3. In case these Terms can have different interpretations in different languages, the English version shall prevail.